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1993 Album that re-ignited DOA. - Original pressing, includes insert.

"The strongest collection released during a flurry of early-'90s activity, 13 Flavours of Doom re-ignited the aging Canadian punk outfit D.O.A. Fast-paced openers "Already Dead" and "Death Machine" establish a nice momentum that other D.O.A. offerings of the time sorely lacked. There are considerably fewer mid-tempo clunkers, the likes of which litter the track listings of lesser efforts Murder and Loggerheads. That's not to say that 13 Flavours of Doom even approaches punk perfection. "Hole in the Sky" and "Use Your Raincoat" are neither catchy nor amusing, but there are more than enough full-tilt hardcore anthems to make up for the few creative letdowns. One of the only solid recommendations from the post-1987 D.O.A. catalog, 13 Flavours of Doom actually approaches the group's famed level of concert intensity. This one is a rare late-career standout that fans should definitely seek out." ~ Vincent Jeffries, All Music Guide