Tour Dates

Band Date Location Venue Info.
D.O.A. July 11th Williams Lake, BC Limelight  
D.O.A. July 12th Prince George, BC The Legion
D.O.A. July 13th Oliver, BC Firehall Brewery  
European Tour Dates
D.O.A. July 30th Bregenz, Austria Between  
D.O.A. July 31st Nuremberg, Germany K4  
D.O.A. August 1st Bonn, Germany Kult 41  
D.O.A. August 2nd Duffel, Belgium Brakrock Eco Festival  
D.O.A. August 3rd

Leeds, UK

Temple of Boom  
D.O.A. August 4th Blackpool, UK Rebellion Festival  
D.O.A. August 5th London, UK New Cross Inn  
D.O.A. August 7th Berlin, Germany Wild at Heart  
D.O.A. August 8th Warsaw, Poland Pogolos  
D.O.A. August 9th Bielsko Bials, Poland Rude Boy Club  
D.O.A. August 10th Sered, Slovakia Ffud Festival  
D.O.A. September 20th Chilliwack, BC Main St.  
D.O.A. September 21st Vancouver, BC Wise Hall Punk The Vote Festival - D.O.A., Chain Whip and
The Corner Boys and surprise special guests!
D.O.A. October 11th

Everett, WA

Tony V's garage  
D.O.A. October 12th Richland, WA Emerald of Siam  
D.O.A. October 13th Wenatchee, WA Wally's House of Booze  
D.O.A. November 14th Kamloops, BC Blue Grotto  
D.O.A. November 15th Kelowna, BC Doc Willoughby's  
D.O.A. November 16th Princeton, BC The Legion  
D.O.A. December 5th Revelstoke, BC Traverse Lounge  
D.O.A. December 6th Rossland, BC Flying Steam Shovel  
D.O.A. December 7th Cranbrook, BC Cranbrook Hotel Pub  
Round Eye Tour Dates
Round Eye July 5th San Pedro, CA Recess Ops  
Round Eye July 9th San Francisco, CA Knockout  
Round Eye July 10th Portland, OR East side Bar & Grill  
Round Eye July 11th Tacoma, WA Airport Tavern  
Round Eye July 12th Bellingham, WA The Waterfront  
Round Eye July 13th Belingham, WA The Karate Church  
Round Eye July 14th Vancouver, BC Static Jupiter  
Round Eye July 15th Seattle, WA The Funhouse  
Round Eye July 16th Salem, OR Midway Music  
Round Eye July 17th Medford, OR Johnny B's  
Round Eye July 18th Albany, CA The Ivy Room w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 19th Sacramento, CA The Blue Lamp w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 20th Reno, NV Jub Jubs w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 21st Salt Lake City, UT Navarre Mud w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 22nd Cheyanne, WY Record Store w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 23rd Laramie, WY The Laramie Center w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 24th Ft. Collins, CO Hodi's Half Note w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 25th Colorado Springs, CO Black Sheep w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 26th Denver, CO Streets of London w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 27th Omaha, NE Lookout Lounge w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 28th Kansas City, MO Riot Room w/ MDC & Verbal Abuse
Round Eye July 29th St. Louis, MO    
Round Eye July 30th Chicago, IL Situations  
Round Eye July 31st South Bend, IN LangLab  
Round Eye August 1st Louisville, KY Spinelli's  
Round Eye August 2nd York, PA Skidrow Garage  
Round Eye August 3rd Brooklyn, New York City Bootleg Bar  
Round Eye September 14th Shanghai, China Yuyintang Park w/ No Fraud
Round Eye October 13th Shanghai, China Yuyintang Park w/ Daikaiju
Round Eye November 22nd Shanghai, China Yyt w/ Teenage Bottlerocket