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Considered by many to be Potbelly’s greatest album, which is quite feat considering they have over 100 releases, ‘Test of Time’ exemplifies their hardcore comedic sound. Potbelly is Pro-Gay, Pro-Choice, Pro-Equality, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobic, and an Anti-Sexist band from Whidbey Island Washington, but they can take a joke. So Fuck You if you don’t like it you cry baby PC pansies.

“Wenches and Rum,” a good drinking song opens up this masterpiece followed by a real love song, not that fake icky bricky heart shit. “I Love Star Wars More Than I Love You.” The album continues at a blistering fun filled pace with humor, “Dumbing Down;” political outrage “Third Reich Amerikkka;” and sheer horror, “Castration.” So if you have a testicle sack, you’d better buy this record cause otherwise, it’s the infamous Whidbey Island Oysters for your nuts. If not, shake your tits and ass and grind to Potbelly for extra pleasure. This is the Test of Time and for any of you who don’t own it, you’ve failed the fucking test, you idiots!