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D.O.A.'s ground breaking first album re-released on 12" LP.

Sudden Death has gone back in time and restored one of punk's seminal albums, Something Better Change and released it.

"Thankfully, here's D.O.A.'s first album Something Better Change in its natural restored state, just as it appeared in 1980 and how glorious it remains! The product of two years of solid gigging in their native Vancouver by the hottest punk band from the West Coast ever produced, this side of the much different Weirdos and Avengers (no one else was even close). On Something Better Change, this trio is so molten, they didn’t even manage to get it all down in the studio (that would come with the follow up Hardcore 81). And yet it is still an absolutely awesome record, So heavy with chops it nearly leaks, songs such as The Enemy, 2+2, New Age and the twisting Last Night soar like the best Clash/Pistols/S.L.F. riffs filtered through an American anvil, power even those greats couldn’t approach (aside from Give ‘Em Enough Rope). On the faster cuts such as the single tracks The Prisoner, the lewd Thirteen and World War 3, D.O.A. just turn the aggression up several notches.” – Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine.