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SUDDEN DEATH RECORDS and MVD VISUAL are pleased to announce the release of D.O.A.’S THE MEN OF ACTION 30TH ANNIVERSARY DVD for worldwide distribution August 18, 2009.

D.O.A. Canada’s legendary punks and the originators of hardcore, have produced an extraordinary DVD that covers the band’s 30 year career. It’s an essential collection of songs and punk/activist stories.

The DVD consists of 26 songs, 10 that are band produced storyline videos and 16 that are live productions. There are two ways to view the DVD: the Chaos Program features the music videos straight up, while the Anarchy Program features JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY, Canada’s godfather of punk, telling the story of D.O.A. and punk activism in general as the videos play.

This anniversary package also includes as a bonus, D.O.A.’S critically acclaimed new album Northern Avenger, produced by the legendary BOB ROCK. The album has received rave reviews around the world. You also get a 12 page booklet that includes rare photos of D.O.A. On the DVD itself there are some hilarious hidden tracks.

See how The Men of Action influenced 3 generations of fans and musicians including GREEN DAY, NIRVANA, RANCID, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, HENRY ROLLINS, JELLO BIAFRA, SOUND GARDEN, and SONIC YOUTH to name a few.

D.O.A. The Men of Action indeed.