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Ese hails from Houston, Texas. They are a rough-and-tumble outfit from the streets. When they hit the stage, everyone can tell they mean business. That’s exactly what Sudden Death’s Joey Shithead saw when Ese opened for D.O.A. a few years back. He exclaimed, “Wow, Ese is like the Tex-Mex Motörhead—they blew the doors off of that joint.”

About a year later, Shithead saw Ese again in Texas. The band stomped their proverbial stomping grounds in such a menacing way, he happily agreed to sign them to Sudden Death. The end result is Ese’s new album All In. It’s a wild and unbridled marriage of rock ’n’ roll and punk that has not been seen for some time.

From the kicking opening track “Badass Fatass” to “Ghetto Ese Style,” these boys mash power riffs nonstop into your cranium. You’ll be screaming for more, and that’s what you get as they blaze through “Pissed Off,” “Texas Guns” and the saucy “Guacamole (Texas Tornados).” Ese will kick your ass with All In, one of the rawest and best rock ’n’ roll albums of 2015.