Band Date Location Venue Info.

D.O.A. October 1st Windsor, ON Windsor Beer Exchange  
D.O.A. October 2nd London, ON Call The Office  
D.O.A. October 4th Montreal, QC Katacombes  
D.O.A. October 5th Quebec City, QC La Source De La Martiniere  
D.O.A. October 7th Kingston, ON The Mansion  
D.O.A. October 8th Kitchener, ON Cork Hall  
D.O.A. October 9th Peterborough, ON Red Dog  
D.O.A. October 10th Ottawa, ON Zaphod Beeblebrox  
D.O.A. October 11th Toronto, ON Hard Luck  
D.O.A. October 12th Hamilton, ON This Ain't Hollywood  
D.O.A. October 28th Cranbrook, BC Byng  
D.O.A. October 29th Edmonton, AB Pawnshop  
D.O.A. October 30th Red Deer, AB The Vat  
D.O.A. October 31st Lethbridge, AB Scores  
D.O.A. November 1st Calgary, AB Republik  
D.O.A. November 2nd Revelstoke, BC Last Drop Pub  
D.O.A. December 6th Nelson, BC Kootenay Coop Radio Joe Shithead Keithley
Doors 8 PM
Upcoming Tours & Events

Tuesday October 28th


Cranbrook, BC

Wednesday October 29th


Edmonton, AB

Thursday October 30th

The Vat

Red Deer, AB

Friday October 31st


Lethbridge, AB

Saturday November 1st


Calgary, AB

Sunday November 2nd

Last Drop Pub

Revelstoke, BC

Saturday December 6th

Joe Shithead Keithley

Kootenay Coop Radio

Nelson, BC

Doors 8 PM


More D.O.A. Dates TBC

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