Band Date Location Venue Info.

D.O.A. July 25th Berlin, Germany Wild At Heart  
.O.A. July 26th Rosswein, Germany Punk Rock Superbowl, Dresden w/ The Dictators
D.O.A. July 27th Pilsen, Czech Republic Fluff Festival  
D.O.A. July 28th Rimini, Italy Sidro Club  
D.O.A. July 29th Canonica (Monza Brianza) Italy Festa Dell Unita  
D.O.A. July 30th Karlsruhe, Germany Alte Hackerei  
D.O.A. July 31st Luzern, Switzerland Sedel  
D.O.A. August 1st Frankfurt, Germany AU  
D.O.A. August 2nd Peine, Germany UJZ Peine w/ Agent Orange
D.O.A. August 3rd Essen, Germany Panic Room  
D.O.A. August 4th Arnhem, Netherlands Brigant  
D.O.A. August 5th Hafenklang, Germany   Joe Shithead Keithley plays D.O.A. unplugged acoustic show, w/ Agent Orange
D.O.A. August 6th Oslo, Norway Blitz  
D.O.A. August 7th Gothenborg, Sweden Way Out Festival  
D.O.A. August 8th Flensburg, Germany Hafermarkt  
D.O.A. August 9th Ieper, Belgium Ieper Festival  
D.O.A. August 10th Blackpool, U.K. Rebellion Festival *Joe Shithead Keithley to play an acoustic show as well
D.O.A. Fall 2014 Quebec, Ontario and Alberta dates TBC  
Upcoming Tours & Events

Friday July 25th

Wild At Heart

Berlin, Germany

Saturday July 26th

Punk Rock Superbowl

Dresden - Rosswein, Germany w/ The Dictators

Sunday July 27th

Fluff Festival

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Monday July 28th

Sidro Club

Rimini, Italy

Tuesday July 29th

Festa Dell Unita

Canonica (Monza Brianza) Italy

Wednesday July 30th

Alte Hackerei

Karlsruhe, Germany

Thursday July 31st


Luzern, Switzerland

Friday August 1st


Frankfurt, Germany

Saturday August 2nd

UJZ Peine

Peine, Germany w/ Agent Orange

Sunday August 3rd

Panic Room

Essen, Germany

Monday August 4th


Arnhem, Netherlands

Tuesday August 5th

Joe Shithead Keithley plays D.O.A. unplugged acoustic show


Germany w/ Agent Orange

Wednesday August 6th


Oslo, Norway

Thursday August 7th

Way Out Festival

Gothenborg, Sweden

Friday August 8th


Flensburg, Germany

Saturday August 9th

Ieper Festival

Ieper, Belgium

Sunday August 10th

Rebellion Festival

Blackpool, U.K.

*Joe Shithead Keithley to play an acoustic show as well


D.O.A. Ontario, Quebec and Alberta Dates TBC

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