Hi friends, glad you've dropped in on us at Sudden Death. Playing in D.O.A. and running the label have been a life long dream come true. I get to produce great music, help the world hear that music and have a ton of fun at the same time. But I didn't get here by accident, myself and my comrades in D.O.A. we worked our asses off. I'm talking about all the D.O.A. members and crew, past and present and of course all the staff at Sudden Death. Here at SDR, we don't sign that many bands, but if I hear something I think is unique and has a lot of heart, then it's a go. Because the coolest thing about music is the freedom it gives you mentally and philosophically, that's what got me into all of this when I was 11 years old and that's what still drives me forward today.

Finally, this is the other part I really dig, the opportunity to say what I think about the world. When I look at a hero of mine: Woody Guthrie, he traveled like a hobo by train, criss-crossing this great continent of ours, speaking to people, hearing their problems and that's what he ended up singing about: the people. I, in my own small way, have tried to do the same thing, at times it was a pretty rough road, but that's how I learned and understood that if you ask for a little, you don't get a lot. Almost everybody in this world aspires to do some good and I believe that we all can help make this world into a better place than it is now!

-Be your own boss - Think for yourself - Effect some positive change into this world.
Talk - Action = 0
Joe Keithley

New D.O.A. Dates this summer! Get your tickets here!!

June 5th, 2024 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Date Lineup Location Tickets
August 1st D.O.A, War On Women, Crossed Keys, The Bad Ups Bensalem, PA
Broken Goblet
Order Now
August 2nd FEAR, Giuda, D.O.A., War On Women New York, NY
Order Now
August 3rd FEAR, Giuda, D.O.A., War On Women Sayreville, NJ
Starland Ballroom
Order Now
August 4th Festival with lots of bands TBD Baltimore, MD
coming soon
August 5th D.O.A., War On Women, TBD Pittsburgh, PA
The Smiling Moose
Order Now
August 6th D.O.A., War On Women, TBD Cleveland Heights, OH
Grog Shop
Order Now
August 7th D.O.A., War On Women, TBD Columbus, OH
Rumba Cafe
Order Now
August 8th D.O.A., War On Women, TBD Toledo, OH
Order Now
August 9th FEAR, Giuda, D.O.A., War On Women,
Against The Grain, Bill Kozy's Rising force
Detroit, MI
Magic Stick
Blackout BBQ
Order Now
August 10th Festival with lots of bands TBD Frostburg, MD
Savage Mountain
Punk Festival
coming soon
August 16th FEAR, D.O.A., TBD Portland, OR
Wonder Ballroom
coming soon
August 17th FEAR, D.O.A., TBD Seattle, WA
Showbox Theater
coming soon
August 18th D.O.A., TBD Yakima, WA
Bearded Monkey Music
coming soon
September 21st RIOT FEST! Chicago, IL Order Now
October 4th Final NoFx Show! D.O.A. on stage at 4:30. Berth 46 , San Pedro, CA Order Now

D.O.A. East Coast Meltdown - First Maritimes Tour since 2012!

March 14th, 2024 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. will be doing their first Maritime Tour since 2012, and direct support will be Mvll Crimes!

  • Thursday June 27 - Trailside Music Hall, Charlottetown, PEI - First time ever for D.O.A. in PEI - Tickets HERE!

  • Friday June 28 Xeroz Arcade Bar, Moncton, NB - Tickets HERE!

  • Saturday June 29 - Broken Record Bar and Music Room, Fredericton, NB - Tickets HERE!

  • Sunday June 30 - Seahorse Tavern, Halifax, NS - Tickets HERE!

  • Monday July 1 - Haven Music Hall - Saint John, NB - Tickets HERE!


June 6th, 2024 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Just a reminder that we have show posters available! There are several listed HERE but all of the posters in THIS SECTION are also available for sale! If you see a poster that you want, please write to info AT suddendeath.com to check on availability.

Brand New Merch!!

April 10th, 2024 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

New Merch now available in the store! Check out the Miscellaneous section and the Clothes section to order yours today!


September 28th, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Sudden Death has just released two cool new editions of D.O.A. classic War on 45 LP. This 40th Anniversary album features the original 8 tracks with Dimwit on drums on Side A and on Side B Dimwit's brother Chuck Biscuits drums on 7 tracks that were demos for this great album that the band recorded late in 1981. There's also a 12 page booklet full of photos and posters from that era, as well as a 2,000 word description of the making of War on 45 by Canada's godfather of punk Joey Shithead Keithley. So now you can get a 12" vinyl version of this in what we call SMASH style colour, it's a super cool mix of red and yellow, and only 20 of these are available, Secondly we have also pressed this on Yellow vinyl, only 400 were made of these.

Order your copy of War on 45 on Yellow Vinyl or Smash Vinyl now.

Joe Keithley's New Solo Album.

March 21st, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Joe Keithley's new solo album "Stand" is now available to order and stream!

Stream now on Spotify and Apple Music, or order your physical copy below.

CD Version
Black Vinyl Version
Coke Bottle Vinyl Version
Marble Vinyl Version
Only 20 Available!

D.O.A. War on 45 40th Anniversary Re-Issue now available.

June 2nd, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Black Version
Cherry Red Version
Splatter Version

Comes with both original album covers (U.S.A. and U.K.) and contains original 8 tracks from 1982 and 7 bonus demo tracks from 1982 with Chuck Biscuits on drums.

Also contain 12 page War on 45 "Songs of Power and Struggle" booklet written by Joey Shithead Keithley.

Now available in limited edition Cherry Red vinyl (500 copies only), Black vinyl and Splatter Vinyl (20 copies only)

Order your copy today!

D.O.A. Release Very Limited Edition Splatter Vinyl!

October 26th, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News


D.O.A. Hardcore 81 on Splatter Vinyl
Only 20 Available.


D.O.A. - Something Better Change on Splatter Vinyl
Only 20 Available!

Get your copy HERE.


Get your copy HERE.

D.O.A. Release Fucked Up Donald in Limited Edition White and Red 7"!

November 16th, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. has unhappily heard that Donald Trump wants to be President again. So once again we are making the Fucked Up Donald 7" single available. Contained in this crushing version of the D.O.A. classic, are a boatload of reasons that Joey screams out as to why he should not be President again! Let's face the facts, it was a bad idea the first time!

D.O.A. Fucked Up Donald White 7"


D.O.A. Fucked Up Donald Red 7"

Get your copy HERE.


Get your copy HERE.

Pointed Sticks - Waiting For The Real Thing Vinyl

September 7th, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

First time available since 2006 - This collection of their original singles and rarities from 1978-80 shows why they were one of the top pop-punk/new wave bands of the era. Sudden Death has just released three different versions of this classic disc: Orange, Orange Splatter and black.



Get your copy HERE.


Get your copy HERE.

Out Now! Limited Edition Yellow and White Hardcore 81 12" Vinyl

May 1st, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Comes with 12 page "History of Hardcore" booklet and 3 old school bonus tracks, Limited edition: 500 copies only.

Get your copy HERE.


Get your copy HERE.

D.O.A. SOMETHING BETTER CHANGE 40th Anniversary release!

December 30th, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

  • D.O.A. SOMETHING BETTER CHANGE 40th Anniversary release!
  • Limited Edition LP - 1000 copies only.
  • Includes Original Picture booklet and lyric sheet

Get your copy HERE.


Get your copy HERE.

Sudden Death has gone back in time and restored one of punk's seminal albums, Something Better Change and released it on limited edition vinyl (black of course!) We have also included the original inserts: a cool picture booklet featuring Joey Shithead, Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg and the lyric sheet.

"Thankfully, here's D.O.A.'s first album Something Better Change in its natural restored state, just as it appeared in 1980 and how glorious it remains! The product of two years of solid gigging in their native Vancouver by the hottest punk band from the West Coast ever produced, this side of the much different Weirdos and Avengers (no one else was even close).On Something Better Change, this trio is so molten, they didn’t even manage to get it all down in the studio (that would come with the follow up Hardcore 81). And yet it is still an absolutely awesome record, so heavy with chops it nearly leaks, songs such as The Enemy, 2+2, New Age and the twisting Last Night soar like the best Clash/Pistols/S.L.F. riffs filtered through an American anvil, power even those greats couldn’t approach (aside from Give ‘Em Enough Rope). On the faster cuts such as the single tracks The Prisoner, the lewd Thirteen and World War 3, D.O.A. just turn the aggression up several notches.” – Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine.

Available Now - Previously Unavailable Vinyl

February 26th, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Over 20 previously unavailable records have been added to our store including several records from the Removal Series, Rare or Out of Print records, coloured vinyl, misprnts and more!


Browse the Rare Vinyl HERE and the Removal Series HERE.

D.O.A.'s 1993 Loggerheads album, last of stock!

October 7th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A.'s 1993 Original Pressing of Loggerheads, All Sealed from the Factory, only 20 available!!

Get yours HERE before they're all gone!


Order your 40th Anniversary Harcore 81 LP and/or CD Now

April 23rd, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

40 years ago today Hardcore 81 was released, time flies by my friends. We recorded that album in a complete whirlwind, it took all of 4 or 5 days and Tracy Marks did a great job of recording it. Hardcore 81 put the term "Hardcore" into our common vernacular. This August, Sudden Death Records is releasing the 40th Anniversary edition with 3 bonus tracks and 12 page booklet "D.O.A.'s History of Hardcore".

This re-release is dedicated to my fallen comrades Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg.

Long live Randy and Dave, miss you both my brothers.
- Joey Shithead Keithley

Available media formats::

  • CD Version - Order Now!

  • Limited edition Black Vinyl. - 1000 Copies Available - Order Now!

  • Limited edition Red Vinyl - 500 Copies Available - Oder Now!

Bonus tracks: 1978 single Disco Sucks, 1978 single The Prisoner, 1981 singe Fucked Up Ronnie and a 12 page special booklet: D.O.A.'s History of Hardcore.

D.O.A. is back on tour!

January 23rd, 2024 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. is back on tour, ready to play some wild and out of control shows, see the upcoming dates HERE. Many more shows to be announced soon!

Joe Keithley's STAND album named one of the best albums of 2023!

January 2nd, 2024 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Steve McLean of http://stevemclean.blogspot.com has published his favourite music of 2023, and we're pleased to see that Joe Keithley's solo album "Stand" album has a place on the list.

From the article: "I once again listened to hundreds of new records in 2023 and I'd say that it had the most that I really liked — if not loved — since 2019.

There was a healthy amount of alternative and more traditional leaning country music, rockabilly, ska and surf along with the power pop and indie rock records that make up the majority of the titles found below."

To read the article and find out where the album placed and who it shares this honor with, please view Steve's site HERE.

Fentanyl Blues Video Released!

March 23rd, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

The first video from Joe Keithley's new solo album "Stand" is now online!

Click the image below to watch Joe's new video.

Joe Keithley on Everyone Loves Guitar Podcast

November 21st, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Check out Joe's interview with Craig Garber on one the top Podcats in the world. Joe discuss's D.O.A. history, music in general, politics and life. It's 90 minutes long and it's a lot of fun. Craig has had a stunning list of musical guests and Joe was happy to be part of it. Please check it out: https://elg.fun/jkeithley

New Video: Lookin' For A World from Joe Keithley's new STAND album.

August 17th, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

The second video from Joe Keithley's new solo album Stand, has just bee released. The song is called "Lookin' For A World" and the video has Joe and friends looking at the reality of the world that we have created.

Joe Keithley - Lookin' For A World Video

Watch the video HERE.

Order your copy of Stand on VINYL or CD now.

War on 45 review from Punktuation!

October 12th, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Punktuationmag.com has published a new article about D.O.A. and the new re-releases of War on 45.

"The punk rock firebrand looks back on 'War On 45', forging new paths alongside Black Flag and gate-crashing the Dead Kennedys in London.

Canada’s D.O.A. have a foundational place in punk rock history. Singer and guitarist Joey “Shithead” Keithley and his compatriots forged a new kind of touring circuit as they carved a route around North America, gave vital support to up-and-coming bands, and, as their first three albums got harder and faster, popularised the term ‘hardcore’."

Read the full article HERE.

Order your copy of War on 45 on Yellow Vinyl or Smash Vinyl now.

New T-shirts from Canada's Godfather of Punk

October 12th, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

New T-Shirts are now available from Joe's recent solo tour!

Order your SDR Clothes today!

Order your Joe Keithley T-Shirt in White or Black now.

Incredible 500 piece D.O.A. puzzle.

June 12th, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Incredible 500 piece D.O.A. puzzle available now!

Order yours today!

Great analysis of one of Punk's Greatest albums: War on 45 by Spectrum Culture

June 22nd, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News


"In 1982, Canadian hardcore pioneers D.O.A. faced that perennial punk problem: how to move forward without simply repeating themselves or else maturing into something that their early music was fundamentally opposed to. The solution turned out to be to take their foot off the throttle just a fraction, while sharpening up their songwriting and aggression. This was a reconfigured D.O.A. –singer/guitarist Joey Shithead and guitarist Dave Gregg remained in place, while bass player Randy Rampage was replaced with drummer Chuck Biscuits' brother Dimwit, who then migrated to the drums after Chuck himself left for what would turn out to be a brief stint in Black Flag. Wimpy Roy Goble was drafted in on bass and War on 45 initially an eight-song EP, was quickly recorded."

Read the entire article HERE!

New: War on 45 "Songs of Power and Struggle" booklet written and autographed by Joey Shithead Keithley

June 2nd, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News


Brand new 12 page booklet full of rare photos and Joey's story of D.O.A. about making War on 45 and his take on history at that time in 1982.

Order your copy today!

Joe's new album STAND reviewed by Big Kitty magazine.

May 14th, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Joe Keithley's new solo album "Stand" has been reviewed by Brad Simm fo Big Kitty Magazine on April 4th, 2023

Taken from the article:

"Long ago, at the Westward Club, one of Calgary’s fabled punk rock rooms in the late 80s-early 90s, a member of  D.O.A took the stage wearing a red and black flannel work shirt. Just before the band launched into their set, my friend nudged me and said, “Look, he’s got his Surrey smoking jacket on!” 

Joe Keithley laughs, knowing all too well what I’m talking about. A Surrey smoking jacket isn’t a glamorous garment made for lounging around the penthouse. Far from it. Rather, the work shirt attire, made fashionable by Neil Young in the 70s, was then adopted by hordes of skaters and suburban brats as their standard street wear, in particular West Coast punks."

Read the whole article here: Big Kitty Magazine.

Out of Print CD's and Cassettes!

January 21st, 2023 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News


Out of Print CD's and Cassettes. Only 5 of each available.

Get yours HERE.

Brand New! Young Joey Shithead Bobblehead!

October 26th, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News


Young Joe Shithead Throbblehead made by Aggronautix.

Limited Edition, Numbered and signed.

Get yours HERE!

Old School D.O.A. T shirts now in stock

May 1st, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

3 old-school shirts are now available in the store! Get yours today!


Brand new: D.O.A. Skate Decks!

July 19th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

We have a new skate deck available! Dimensions are: 32" x 8.5". Get yours (signed by Joe Keithley!) HERE!

New video for "It Was D.O.A." - What life is really like in D.O.A.!!!

March 20th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. has a new video out: It Was D.O.A., is an uproarious look at life in D.O.A., that Joey wrote for the now classic album Treason. It features drummer Paddy Duddy on vocals, mixed with Joey's sharp rebukes. Many thanks to Reid Blakley animation and editing for putting this together. It's a funny way to start off what is hopefully a much better year for everyone. The song is from D.O.A.'s raucous and wild album Treason, which received rave reviews, it's available on LP and CD.

Here's to Stompin' Tom Conners for the inspiration, Tom is still a real Canadian hero and is greatly missed.

Unearthed early D.O.A. video for The Prisoner!

January 14th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

We hope you are coping OK with the pandemic. We have unearthed some classic D.O.A. footage from 1978 of Chuck, Randy and Joey playing The Prisoner, the footage was shot in a dingy practice room by Soundproof host John Tanner. Just to make the footage even more fun, Shithead dug around his basement and found never before seen photos and added those to the video. This is dedicated to memory of Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg, you are both missed greatly.

Limited edition D.O.A. Commemorative Poster - Only 15 available

September 14th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

In 2019 D.O.A.'s Hardcore 81 LP was awarded the Polaris Prize by the CBC as one of the greatest albums ever released by a Canadian artist. To commemorate this, Polaris commissioned D.O.A drummer Paddy Duddy to design a poster. Here it is: It's a 18" x 24" silk screened gem, only 40 of these were printed and each one is numbered. The poster can be signed by Joey Shithead Keithley if requested.

Get yours HERE!

D.O.A.'s History of Hardcore Booklet

July 19th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

12 page limited edition booklet that is full never before photos of D.O.A. and Joey's description of the origins of Hardcore Punk. Each booklet is signed by Joey, only 50 available, this is the same booklet that is included in the 40th Anniversary LP version of Hardcore 81.
Get yours HERE!

D.O.A. play Rock Against Racism show and announce complete tour dates for 2022.

May 29th, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. and an All Star cast to play Rock Against Racism show that will benefit Metro Vancouer grass roots organizations that are helping enpower youth of colour.

Check the Tour Date HERE.


Punk Rockers Walk the Walk!

November 18, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

New article in Spin about hardcore punks Joe Keithley and Justin Brannan getting elected and making a positive difference. We think it's better to have candidates like this to choose from as opposed to people like Donald Trump and his gang of thieves.

Read the article HERE!

History and origin of Rock Against Racism.

May 31st, 2022 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. holds a multi-band Rickshaw Rock Against Racism benefit that reminds us the more things change....

Check the article written at https://www.straight.com/.


New D.O.A. / Joe Shithead Guitars now available!

September 14th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News


Order your own Odyssey Guitar HERE.

Get your own signed D.O.A. pick guard and picks!

September 14th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

For the first time ever you can get a D.O.A. pick guard and picks. The signed pick guard is from the D.O.A. guitar designed by Odyssey Guitars: the Joe Keithley 200, this also comes with four double sided D.O.A. guitar picks. Pick guard taken from the guitar pictured below.

Get yours HERE!

D.O.A. plays Hardcore 81 in it's entierty.

November 5th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. plays Hardcore 81 in it's entierty.

Check out this great article by Stuart Derdyn on D.O.A.!

Brand new: D.O.A. Trucker Hats!

June 22nd, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Now that we are all getting vaccinated, we are all going to be able to take a road trip this summer. So why not ride in style with this brand new D.O.A. truckers hat. This hat will let 'em know you mean business. Get yours HERE!

D.O.A. Ladies Airborne T-shirt now available!

October 7th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Brand New ladies cut Airborne T-Shirts are now available in the store. Sizes available are small , medium and large.

Get yours HERE!

New music from Shanghai's Roundeye!

July 4th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Brand new 15 track LP from Roundeye from Shanghai. Get yours HERE!

Rekt Chords has posted an article with/about Joe Keithley and D.O.A.

July 4th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley Opens Up About His Hardcore Journey Through Punk and Politics

Written by Johnny Papan

Cover Story: June/July 2021

Read the article HERE.

New DOA video: All The President's Men from DOA's new album Treason.

October 6th, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

The brand new video for All The President's Men is now on YouTube!!
Come on!! Spread this virus!! The U.S. Election is in less than a month!!

Video is available!

Deepest condolences from D.O.A. and Sudden Death Records

April 3rd, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Ken Lester. Ken was D.O.A.'s manager from 1979-88, he used the creativity he had honed as an alt-press journalist/editor at the Georgia Straight and The Vancouver Grape to help push D.O.A. to the forefront of the political punk scene in those early days. Ken was an anarchist rabble rouser, who was good at taking on the establishment. Rest in Peace Ken.


Sudden Death Records sadly joins in the mourning of the recently deceased Gerry-Jenn Wilson. Gerry-Jenn led the dynamic Vancouver band JP5. Sudden Death Records released JP5's only album Hot Box in 1999, it was a really solid album that drew great reviews. She was a wild performer who will be missed. RIP


New D.O.A. album Treason out now.

February 25th, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

New D.O.A. album Treason out now! - Order yours today!

If an actor or a reality show host can become President and wreak havoc around the world, then surely musicians have a time honoured duty of reacting to that and speaking up for regular people. Punk rock legends D.O.A. have decided to do just that. That’s why you have the new D.O.A. album: Treason.

Joey Shithead Keithley, Canada’s Godfather of Punk, has been getting sick of the dismaying news coming out of world capitals like Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang etc., so he decided to come up with D.O.A.’s musical reaction to this crap and stand up against corruption, warmongering, racism, sexism and global warming.

So here it is: Treason, it’s the band’s eighteenth album. It takes off in full frenzy with All The President’s Men – “It’s time to put them in the pen”. Then D.O.A. quickly launches into a modern punk anthem: Wait Till Tomorrow, a look at the brutal treatment of refugees.

But never lost on D.O.A., is that part of their mantra that is punk rock humour, hence they have spawned: It Was D.O.A., an uproarious piss take on unsuspecting musicians that will soon learn the tough lessons of the road: the D.O.A. members themselves.

Of course with an album named Treason you would expect some comment on President Donald Trump. So the Men of Action, Joey and his rhythm section: Paddy Duddy (drums) and Mike “Corkscrew” Hodsall (bass) have taken one of their all-time classics and come up with new lyrics. They have reworked Fucked Up Ronnie, the result is Fucked Up Donald and it’s a blistering 73 seconds of mayhem!

Along the way Treason flips the corrupt system the bird with wild tunes like: Gonna Set You Straight, Just Got Back From The USA and It’s Treason. There’s also an absolutely ripping version of fellow Canadian Neil Young’s Hey Hey. My My, where D.O.A. takes a unique approach that has anguish and fire at the same time.

On Treason D.O.A pulls no punches and nor should they. What you get is an uncontrollable punk rock riot that seems to breathe fire, the way punk was meant to be.


Tracks listing:
  • All The President's Men
  • Wait Till Tomorrow
  • It Was D.O.A.
  • Just Got Back From The USA
  • Fucked Up Donald
  • Hey Hey, My My
  • Gonna Set You Straight
  • It's Treason

Order your CD HERE

Order your LP HERE

Sudden Death Old School Sale: Vinyl, Puzzles, DOA hoodies and T's and more.

November 22nd, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

It's always a good time to get punk rock goodies for your familiy and friends.

  • L.P. Sale: Buy a second L.P. and get free shipping.
  • C.D.Sale: Buy a second CD and get free shipping.
  • Back in stock LPs and CD's by The Damned, The Accused, Ripcordz, Pointed Sticks, Modernettes, Stockyard Stoics, D.O.A.'s.'s It's Not Unusual CD, Ken Jensen tribute 7" featuring Red Tide and D.O.A.
  • D.O.A. LP's and CD's: Punk Rock Singles, Festival of Atheists, Bloodied But Unbowed, Win The Battle, Live Free Or Die and the double LP/CD 1978.
  • D.O.A.War on 45 Jigsaw Puzzles now out, this is the first punk rock jigsaw puzzle in North America, it's 500 pieces and a ton of fun.
  • D.O.A. classic T shirts and hoodies, we have added three new designs.
  • D.O.A.patches $2 each! Three new designs.
  • New D.O.A. album Treason on LP/CD.

D.O.A. "1978" Double 12" LP/CD out now!

April 10th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

D.O.A. "1978" Double 12" LP/CD coming May 3rd

Unreleased demos, rare tracks, and early singles
from Canada's punk pioneers
Godfathers of Hardcore 40th Anniversary Tour Continues

D.O.A. - 1978

D.O.A. "1978" is a 21 track collection of unreleased demos, rare tracks, and early singles from Canada's punk pioneers. Joey Shithead Keithley went deep into the Sudden Death vault and came up with some super exciting and raw punk rock.

The album title and art concept is spike haired nod of the head to that early, dynamic era of D.O.A. and to the seven great former members of D.O.A., who have passed on. Their spirit and talent played a huge role into launching the band into worldwide prominence.

The two constants on the album are Joey Shithead and Chuck Biscuits who play on every track. From the start of "1978" the listener is drawn in by their wild, "I don't give a shit" approach to punk rock. Now some 40 years later you can hear it all, starting with the never seen light of day demo version of The Enemy. This demo has a different set of lyrics that speaks to fighting Nazis, strange, what is old is new and vital again.

There's a ton of exciting tracks that range from the never heard before: Bored and Suicidal, The Mutant, No God No War, Rip Dis Joint, No Way Out and Rent-A-Riot to classic early singles like Fucked Up Ronnie, Disco Sucks, World War 3, The Prisoner and Thirteen. You also get demo versions of America the Beautiful and Liar for Hire with Biscuits drumming, which are wildly different than the classic versions you hear on "War on 45."

On "1978" you hear the origins of hardcore and you get a full blast of D.O.A's politics and raucous humour. The album will be released as a double 12" LP/CD on May 3rd, go to Sudden Death Records
for more info.

To read the whole article, please click HERE.

To order 1978 on CD, CLICK HERE

To order 1978 on Double LP, CLICK HERE

D.O.A. Videos.

June 16th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

D.O.A. - Call To Action Videos

Joe Keithley of DOA was elected as a Green candidate, swapping his black leather jacket for a suit, albeit sans tie.

“When I ran it was pretty straight forward… I said housing should be a right and not a privilege and everybody’s vote has to count,” said Keithley. “I’m just using D.O.A.’s mantra: TALK – ACTION = 0 and applying it to politics. It’s been fun to get in there and kick some ass!”"

Continue reading the article HERE.

D.O.A.'s Hardcore 81 Wins Polaris Heritage Prize as one of the top Canadian albums of all time!

November 4th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

The Vancouver Sun has just reported that D.O.A's Hardcore 81 album has won the Polaris Prize!

From the article: "Hardcore 81 was chosen over 11 other nominated albums — including The Band’s Music From Big Pink, Sarah McLachlan’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and Joni Mitchell’s Court And Spark — in an online public vote which ran this year from Sept. 17 to Oct. 18.

“It’s pretty cool for DOA. and our fans to have Hardcore 81 recognized by Polaris. When it was released, we never realized that this album would give birth to the hardcore music genre and make an impact around the world. So this is an amazing moment for us,” said DOA frontman Joe Keithley."

Read the article HERE.

Order your copy of Hardcore 81 on CD or Vinyl now!


Burnaby punk rocker/politician starts charity to fund music for kids.

June 11th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Burnabynow has posted an article about Joe Keithley's new charity. Part of the article is below.

" Punk rock legend Joe Keithley of the world-renown D.O.A. – he's also a newly elected city councillor - wants to help Burnaby children who want to play music, but who can't afford instruments or lessons.

He announced on Saturday that he is teaming up with Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society to raise money and promote the Harmony for All program.

“Music is universal,” Keithley said. “It can overcome poverty, hatred and it can unify people. That’s why I’m calling this program Harmony for All, because deep down we all know that love and understanding wins out over hatred every time.”

Keithley talked about the impact that music had on him during his childhood in Burnaby."

To find out how to donate instruments or cash please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

Review links for DOA's new album Treason

April 23rd, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

D.O.A. Take Trump To Task on Treason!

"On March 15, D.O.A. released Treason.

The cover design by Big Cranium features the faces of Vladimir Putin, Mitch McConnell, Kim Jong-un and Rudy Giuliani framing the smirking face of U.S. President Donald Trump. Behind them is the White House with rocket's red glare and fighter jets overhead. The title is pasted over Trump's eyes in letters resembling a ransom note. The last time D.O.A. had a cover this subtle was 1982s brilliant War on 45 EP.

Featuring seven originals penned by band founder Joe Keithley and a thudding cover of Neil Young's Hey, Hey, My, My, the album release was supposed to be timed to coincide with the upcoming U.S. election. Some American voters may even deduce from the album cover that the band's opinion of the present POTUS isn't positive. If that isn't clear, track number five should do the trick.

Titled F'ed Up Donald, it's an updating of the 1981 song with the same title dedicated to the late President Ronald Reagan."

Read the entire review HERE.

Looking for more info on the new album? We have several reviews for you to read. Check out our new Reviews Page!

PUCK ROCK: How D.O.A. merged Punk and Hockey back in 1986

April 22nd, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Guts of The Ice - An Exploration of "Puck" Rock/Hockey-core #10: D.O.A.'s Joey "Shithead" Keithley (Kings of Punk, Hockey & Beer)

"Not entirely unlike Wrestle/Wrassle Rap or Basketball Rap, there's, apparently, a whole sub-genre of hockey-themed Punk/Hardcore—oftentimes, referred to as "Puck" Rock or Hockey-core. Yes, I've been a die-hard fan of Punk/Hardcore for 15+ years and I, too, only first heard about Puck Rock within the last few weeks. Although, once I started diggin' around, I discovered about 10-15 bands at the forefront; this was, then, gradually narrowed down to 10 "front-line" bands, which will be chronicled here over the course of coming weeks. The "top-scoring" bands we selected include: Crippled Youth, SLAPSHOT, The Hanson Brothers/Nomeansno, Two Man Advantage, The Boils, D.O.A. THE ZAMBONIS, Pansy Division, The Hextalls, and THE RAMOMS' "Gritty Is A Punk" flexi-disc. We sent out a short 6-question interview form to all of the aforementioned bands, received some back, heard a few choice words, and still have yet to hear from a few more. We'll be running those interviews, as well as features, profiles, etc. in the coming weeks. EDITOR'S NOTE: be warned, while I'm a casual hockey fan, I DO NOT claim to be an "expert" on the sport, nor will I EVER claim to know "everything" about hockey-themed Punk/Hardcore. Now, let's just try to have some fun and learn more about the sub-genre together!

D.O.A. Puck Rock

D.O.A. is a Canadian Punk/Hardcore band who are often credited with coining the term "Hardcore" on their sophomore album, Hardcore '81. D.O.A.'s current line-up consists of founding member Joey "Sh*thead" Keithley, Paddy Duddy & Mike"Maggot" Hodsall. Although, past line-ups of D.O.A. have included Randy Rampage, Chuck Biscuits (Black Flag, Danzig, Samhain,) Brian "Wimpy Roy" Goble, Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery, Jon Card (SNFU,) Dave Gregg, Ken "Kenny Hanson" Jensen (The Hanson Brothers,) Floor Tom Jones, Harry Homo, John Wright (Nomeansno,) and more through their 42-year career. D.O.A. have often advocates for those without a voice and have played benefits for Rape Relief, anti-racism, Rock-for-Brains, anti-globalization, OXFAM, First Nation's rights, anti-censorship, and environmental causes, amongst many others. Film-maker Scott Crawford is currently hard at work on a documentary entitled Something Better Change set to chronicle frontman Joey "Sh*thead" Keithley's rise from Punk/Hardcore pioneer to City Councillor in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and Chair of The City Environmental Committee, as well as campaigns for Mayor and The Green Party. For this latest installment of Guts of The Ice, we were fortunate enough to land an interview with Councillor Joe Keithley, which you can now read below. D.O.A.'s eighteenth studio album, TREASON, is now available on their own label imprint, Sudden Death Records."

Read the entire article HERE.

Album of the week at The Georgia Straight is...

September 20th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

1978 (Sudden Death)

"Never mind the title—the cover art is advance warning that you're in for something epic. 1978 collects early demos and rare cuts from what's not only the greatest punk band ever to call Canada home, but a group that is every bit as important as first-wave legends like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, X, and the Germs.

D.O.A. not only invented the term hardcore, but showed countless kids that there was nothing stopping them from putting together a band, booking a community hall, and cranking the amps in the name of making the world a more progressive place. No edition of the band was more potent and dangerous than the three-piece featuring singer-guitarist Joey Shithead, bassist Randy Rampage, and drummer Chuck Biscuits, shown on the cover of 1978."

Read the rest of the review now HERE!

Joe Keithley for PM - Go Figure!

May 6th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

The Music Express has written an article about Joe Keithley and D.O.A. The following is an exerpt from the article:

"In his hometown of Burnaby, BC, Canada, Joe Keithley ran a campaign based on affordable housings for all, help for the disadvantaged, sustainability and grassroots democracy. Facing well-financed and vicious opponents, Keithley took a shoestring budget and his punk rock attitude and was elected as a city councillor.

Burnaby is BC's third biggest city and Canada's most culturally diverse, 150 languages can be heard on the streets of Burnaby. Keithley's always been involved in politics, including organizing Canada's first Rock Against Racism concert way back in 1979, so it just seemed like a natural progression for him to stand for election and now he has been elected.

Joe Keithley of DOA was elected as a Green candidate, swapping his black leather jacket for a suit, albeit sans tie.

“When I ran it was pretty straight forward… I said housing should be a right and not a privilege and everybody’s vote has to count,” said Keithley. “I’m just using D.O.A.’s mantra: TALK – ACTION = 0 and applying it to politics. It’s been fun to get in there and kick some ass!”"

Continue reading the article HERE.

Burnaby's punk rock councillor collecting musical donations at farm market.

December 4th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Burnaby Now has just reported that Burnaby's punk rock councillor is collecting musical donations at farm market!

From the article: " Do you have a musical instrument stuffed into the back of a closet that no one ever plays?

Instead of taking up space and making you feel guilty those instruments could inspire and uplift a budding musical talent - and earn you a tax receipt.

“Punk rock legend Joe Keithley of the world-renown D.O.A. wants to have the guitar, tuba, flute or whatever instrument you never play, get you a tax receipt for it, and put it into the hands of a young person in Burnaby.“

“Splitting his time between playing gigs and serving Burnaby as a city councillor, Keithley is working to share the benefits of music with Burnaby children who want to play music but cannot afford instruments or lessons. He has teamed up with Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society to raise money and promote the program."

Read the article HERE.

Burnaby punk legend, councillor collecting instruments for a rocking Christmas.

December 5th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

The Province has just reported that Burnaby punk legend, councillor collecting instruments for a rocking Christmas!

From the article: " Harmony for All, created by Burnaby Coun. and local punk legend Joe Keithley, aims to connect Burnaby youth who can't afford instruments or lessons with opportunities to play music."

"Burnaby councillor and punk rock legend Joe Keithley remembers vividly when he got his first real drum set with a silver sparkle finish. He was 11 years old and had saved up his paper-route money. His mom had to kick in half of the amount — a secret they kept from his dad."

“It was great. My friend and I had been drumming on cardboard boxes using garbage-can lids for cymbals,” recalled Keithley."

"Now the musician wants to make sure no Burnaby child who wants to play music goes without an instrument or the chance to learn to play one."

Read the article HERE.

The Georgia Straight has written article about D.O.A.'s new Polaris Prize win!

November 5th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

The Georgie Straight has just reported about D.O.A's Polaris Prize!

From the article: "D.O.A. makes history as the seminal Hardcore 81 wins the Polaris Heritage Prize.

It actually took me a little time to get clear on why I should vote for D.O.A.'s Hardcore 81 for the Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize, but I'm pretty glad that I did, now that D.O.A. has taken the prize, becoming the first B.C. act to have won it.

First, let's rewind. Think of the The Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize as a way to recognize artists from Canada's rich musical past. It's the Polaris Prize's version of a hall of fame nod for to those would have been nominated or won the Prize before it began in 2006.

Of the 12 albums put up for public vote in October, there was some stiff competition—but there were also plenty of bands on the list that I had no interest in."

Read the article HERE.

Order your copy of Hardcore 81 on CD or Vinyl now!

What the hell happened to Joey Shithead?

September 28th, 2019 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Burnaby Now has just posted an article about Joe Shithead. Read a portion of the article:

"The legendary punk seems transformed since becoming a municipal politician. Did he sell out or just grow up?"

A few dozen people huddled around a laptop in Joe Keithley's kitchen to watch results roll in for the 2018 municipal election. He was in ninth place most of the night – one spot short of a seat on council.

It was familiar territory. Another election loss was nothing new. He could keep fighting the system from the outside.

Then his daugher refreshed the page. Suddenly, Keithley was in the top eight.

“I was like, ‘Oh… really?’ ” he recalls months later.

By the end of the night, he held the eighth and final spot. After decades of playing the outside agitator, Keithley was suddenly on the inside.

The punk cracked a beer and thought to himself, “OK, I’m in this now. I’ve got nobody to blame but myself.”

Read the rest of the review now HERE!

The Mass Movement Website has just published an article about 1978.

May 30th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Mass Movement has published an article about D.O.A.'s new record, 1978:

"It’s not exactly a secret that I think that D.O.A., along with Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks, are part the (un)holy punk rock triumvirate. They’re one of those bands that their peers aspired to be and they set an impossible benchmark that the thousands who followed in their wake have tried, and failed miserably, to reach. They pioneered the use of the word ‘hardcore’ in the punk scene, had a work ethic that left Black Flag in awe and four decades after they first plugged in, tuned up and unleashed their pent up fury on an unsuspecting world, D.O.A. are still tearing up stages, albeit less frequently than they used to, and doing what they do best, playing catchier than a cold in a room of anti-vaxxers, beautifully vicious punk rock."

Continue reading the article HERE.


May 15th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Artcore Fanzine has published an article about D.O.A.'s new record, 1978. You can read a clip from the article here:

"I’ve lost count of how many D.O.A. collections chart the damage to date, but it was two of them that started me out on my lifelong relationship with D.O.A. After hearing their contributions to the ‘Let Them Eat Jellybeans’, ‘Rat Music For Rat People’ and ‘Eastern Front’ compilations, I picked up the ‘Positively’ EP from my local independent record dive, and always remember that spring morning in 1984 when I received their first LP collection ‘Bloodied But Unbowed’ (with poster and badges) along with Hüsker Dü’s ‘Land Speed Record’ that I’d ordered from Alternative Tentacles London office.

It wasn’t long before I was bouncing around my box room to ‘Fuck You’ and ‘Smash the State’, and from here on in I bought every D.O.A. record I could get my hands on, spending years tracking down early rarities, and following each release as they came out, for better or for worse. There was always something about D.O.A.’s spirit of political resistance coupled with their fuck you attitude and cool sneering photos that really chimed with this high school kid, off his face on Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and any American hardcore he could get his hands on in 1984."

Continue reading the article HERE.

Northwest Music Scene: D.O.A.: Review: D.O.A. — '1978'

May 15th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Northwest Music Scene has published an article about D.O.A.'s new record, 1978. You can read a clip from the article here:

"1978 was the year of disco. It was the year the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack stayed at the top of the charts for 26 weeks. It was the year of “Le Freak,” “Last Dance,” and “Boogie Oogie Oogie.” Ah, but there was another side to the music scene as well. It was also the year of Patti Smith’s Easter, the Jam’s All Mod Cons, and Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! And it was the year of D.O.A.

D.O.A. sprang to life when Canadian Joe Keithley found himself back in Vancouver, B.C., following a move to Toronto with his band the Skulls, which had seen the band fall apart. Undeterred, Keithley found new musicians to play with in Vancouver, everyone taking on the requisite punk names: Randy Rampage (bass), Chuck Biscuits (drums), and Keithley himself, on lead vocals and guitar, rechristened Joey Shithead. Their first release laid it on the line; a four track EP, with the title cut “Disco Sucks,” notable for its memorable refrain “Disco sucks — like shit!”"

Continue reading the article HERE.

Michael Doherty's Music Blog: D.O.A.: "1978" (2019) CD Review

May 6th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Michael Doherty's Music Blog has published an article about Joe Keithley and D.O.A.'s new record, 1978. The following is an clip from the article:

Every day when I wake up I check to see if Donald Trump is dead, and so far I’ve been disappointed. This is bad news for democracy, for every day this administration is allowed to continue is another day when we march toward an authoritarian, dishonest, racist and incredibly stupid existence. Never before have so many useless and thoroughly corrupt people had so much power. People like Betsy DeVos, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Meadows, William Barr and Mike Pence are people you wouldn’t trust to park your car, never mind lead a nation. If you are in the habit of using your brain, you are likely frustrated, furious, depressed. Some serious hardcore punk music is what is called for. Last year D.O.A. released an excellent new album, Fight Back, which features the song “You Need An Ass Kickin’ Right Now,” the video for which includes footage of Putin, DeVos and Trump. That album includes a whole lot of excellent original songs. Now we have a chance to return to the band’s early days with 1978, a collection of singles and previously unreleased tracks from 1978-1982. This is the medicine I’ve been in desperate need of, music that expresses the anger we all feel. Here is that raw, unbridled, honest, kick-ass music that could take this administration by the throat and put an end to the horror show in a heartbeat.

Continue reading the article HERE.

Fingers on Blast! recently posted about D.O.A.'s new release "1978".

May 6th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Since 1978, DOA have been doing there thing, and if you ask us, we need them now more than ever. The punk rock legends just released the spot on Time To Fight Back from their new double LP of all the rarities imaginable.

We love DOA! Time to fight back!

Continue reading the article HERE.


May 5th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Joe Keithley and D.O.A. were recently featured in Spill News!

"In his hometown of Burnaby, BC, Canada, Joe Keithley ran a campaign based on affordable housings for all, help for the disadvantaged, sustainability and grassroots democracy. Facing well-financed and vicious opponents, Keithley took a shoestring budget and his punk rock attitude and was elected as a city councilor.

Burnaby is BC’s third biggest city and Canada’s most culturally diverse, 150 languages can be heard on the streets of Burnaby. Keithley’s always been involved in politics, including organizing Canada’s first Rock Against Racism concert way back in 1979, so it just seemed like a natural progression for him to stand for election and now he has been elected.

“When I ran it was pretty straight forward… I said housing should be a right and not a privilege and everybody’s vote has to count,” said Keithley. “I’m just using D.O.A.’s mantra: TALK – ACTION = 0 and applying it to politics. It’s been fun to get in there and kick some ass!”"

Continue reading the article HERE.

D.O.A. 1978 reviewed by Jack Rabid/Big Takeover Magazine

April 10th, 2019 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Instantly crucial. If the incompletely-titled *1978* merely compiled this Vancouver B.C. punk powerhouse’s rare early singles’ tracks, recorded as the blast furnace of punk exploded on their Coast—by D.O.A.’s original, unbeatable, *smoking*-hot original trio—it would be imperative already! Adding the threesome’s two rare, incredible *Vancouver Complication* compilation tracks makes it better still. Remarkably, however, there’s also a plethora of unreleased 1978-1982 recordings, including unfamiliar songs “No God, No War,” “Bored and Suicidal,” “Rent a Riot,” and “No Way Out,” and lesser “Rip This Joint” (sung by Canadian punk’s faster/meaner/tighter Keith Moon, *Chuck Biscuits*)—all killer, too. Plus alternate versions such as an early demo of *Something Better Change *classic “The Enemy” and *War on 45* tunes before Biscuits quit and was replaced by older brother/mentor *Dimwit *(1958-1994), are also required listening. Mainman *Joe “Shithead” Keithley*’s growling vocals and lethal guitar bombs detonate, *Randy Rampage* (1960-2018) is a monster bassplayer, and after he came aboard, second guitarist *Dave Gregg* (1960-2014) rips, too. Missing only AWOL 1979 live *Triumphant of the Ignoroids* EP tracks, *1978* stands as a *great lost third LP* by this stunning band, making us wonder why it never came out before.

Punk Rock comes to Burnaby Council!

October 24th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Joe Keithley of DOA was elected as a Green candidate, swapping his black leather jacket for a suit, albeit sans tie.

Normally politicians don't like to be called four-letter words. But if you call newly elected Burnaby Coun. Joe Keithley "Shithead," he probably won't mind.

After all, that was his stage name in DOA, the punk band he's fronted for the last four decades. DOA always had a political edge, and Keithley has made several stabs at running for politics in the past for the Greens and the NDP at the civic and provincial levels. He was finally elected Saturday on the Green slate, in his sixth attempt.

"In my field with DOA, it's always (been) about promoting grassroots democracy," he said, with a laugh. "I was an unofficial politician, now I'm an official politician."

To read the whole article at The Province website, please click HERE.

Joe Keithley

D.O.A.'s Hardcore 81 nominated for album of the decade by CBC – Vote Now

October 11th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

D.O.A.'s ground breaking album Hardcore 81 has been nominated for Canadian album of the decade 1976-85 by the CBC's annual Polaris awards. We think this is fitting as D.O.A.'s is likely one of Canada's two to three most influential bands of all time.

Hardcore 81 has become synonymous with the origins of hardcore around the world. Plus it's a bloody fun album to listen to and it helps rile you up and lift your spirits.

So for D.O.A. to win this music award you have to vote.

Here's the link: https://polarismusicprize.ca/heritage-prize/2018-nominees/

Don't forget to vote early and vote often, the contest is only open till October 23rd, 2018

Thanks from your friends at Sudden Death.

Talk- Action = 0

Hardcore 81

R.I.P. Randy Rampage

August 20th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

This is always a hard thing to start, writing a eulogy about a fallen comrade who has now left this world, but it's my duty and honour to tell you about Randy Rampage. We set out to conquer the world together, we didn't quite do it, but at times we thought we came close. Randy was unique, like a super nova, burning red hot. This is what I remember about my friend.

I had just come back from Toronto in February of ’78, my first punk rock band The Skulls had moved to Toronto in the hopes of being successful, it never happened and we broke up. So when I got back home in Vancouver I wanted to start a new band, so I put an ad in the Georgia Straight weekly, “Looking for a drummer and a bassist for punk rock band. Wimps should not apply.” Soon I started getting a few phone calls about the band. One of the first calls was from a guy named Randy Archibald, he said he was a drummer in a band called Looney Tunes (taken from the Alice Cooper song I suppose). He came over to audition and he wasn’t bad, one thing, he was a lefty, so he could play the hi-hats open handed or cross handed. Growing up as a drummer myself I thought that was cool, Randy also sensed how to play it cool while trying out, not bad for a 17 year old.

Continue reading Joe's Eulogy here.

R.I.P. Randy Rampage

Record Collector News has written an article about D.O.A.

September 7th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

From a new album to a run for mayor, D.O.A.’s Joe Keithley’s ethos remains: “Change the world, have a great time doing it, and play some loud punk rock”


IT WAS 1978, THE HEIGHT OF THE DISCO era. Songs like “Le Freak,” “Boogie Oogie Oogie,” and “Y.M.C.A.” ruled the airwaves; the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack stayed at No. 1 for 24 weeks. But not everyone was a fan of the genre, including a trio of punks from Vancouver, British Columbia, a locale far, far from elite discos like New York City’s Studio 54: D.O.A. The band made their feelings plain on their first record, a four-track EP also released in 1978 entitled Disco Sucks, whose chorus got right to the point: “Disco sucks — like shit!”

Read the rest of the article HERE.

D.O.A. were recently featured in Vive Le Rock Magazine!

June 13th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Vive Le Rock's Paula Frost witnessed an incendiary show by Canadian punk legends D.O.A. in Bangkok and chats to Joey Shithead about their killer new album 'Fight Back'.

Click the image below to read the article in pdf format.

D.O.A. releases first video from their brand new album Fight Back!

"You Need An Ass Kickin' Right Now"

May 15th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

D.O.A. has released their newest video for "You Need An Ass Kickin' Right Now" from their 40th Anniversary Album, "Fight Back".

You can view it now on our Brand new Sudden Death YouTube Channel.

See all of the great videos from Sudden Death HERE.

D.O.A. preview in *L.A. Weekly*

May 28th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Falling James has written a preview article for the D.O.A., M.D.C., Infirmities, Bad Samaritans show coming up on May 30th.

Head on over to the LA Weekly website to read the preview now: http://www.laweekly.com/event/doa-mdc-infirmities-bad-samaritans-9487397

New album out now on CD, 12" black vinyl & limited edition 12" red vinyl

April 24th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News


“D.O.A., exciting like a knife fight in the back alley” Tom Hawthorn - Canadian music critic.

D.O.A., Canada’s legendary pioneering punks who set the bar high for punk and basically invented hardcore, are ready to rip it up on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. They have a brand new album: Fight Back and they are embarking on a worldwide tour to support this impressive new effort. The Men of Action are ready to take on all opposition and lay down a punk rock path of wild music and free thought. Their rough and ready line up is led by the godfather of Hardcore, Joe Shithead Keithley (guitar, vocals) he is more than ably accompanied by the manic rhythm section of Paddy Duddy (drums) and Corkscrew (bass).

Early reviews are saying that Fight Back as the most innovative DOA album since War on 45. Fight Back, released on Joe’s own label Sudden Death Records, is a scathing and timely piece. Joe deals with all manner of unseemly low characters and issues. The album opens with acerbic You Need an Ass Kickin’ Right Now, then rips right into the startling Killer Cops, then smashes into the anthemic Time To Fight Back, which is street punk resistance at its fiercest. D.O.A. rips thru the timely Gonna Set You Straight with violent and natural ease, same goes with the vitriolic I Just Got Back From the USA. The album takes a DOA funny twist with: We Won’t Drink This Piss (down with bad corporate beer!) and You Can’t Stop Me, where Joe’s delves into the character of Slapshot’s playing coach Reggie Dunlop, a natural alter ego perhaps!


For more information and to check out our perks, visit our GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-doa-record-40th-anniversary-album.


D.O.A. Return with 'Fight Back' LP, Map Out 40th Anniversary Tour

April 6th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Exclaim has published an article by Calum Slingerland about D.O.A.'s new album. A sample of the article:

"Only weeks after announcing his plan to run for mayor, Joe Keithley has now teed up a new full-length record with his bandmates in D.O.A. Titled Fight Back, the iconic punk outfit's latest will arrive May 1 through Keithley's own Sudden Death Records."

"The album is described as "a scathing and timely piece" that "deals with all manner of unseemly low characters and issues." It's hard to imagine anything but from a disc that boasts songs titled "You Need an Ass Kickin' Right Now," "Killer Cops," "Time to Fight Back," "I Just Got Back from the USA" and "We Won't Drink This Piss," to name a few."

Read the entire article HERE


D.O.A.'s "Fight Back" was reviewed at Spill Magazine.

May 3rd, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News


D.O.A.'s 40th Anniversary Album "Fight Back"were recently reviewed by Spill Magazine. A portion of the review follows:

It's always interesting to observe bands that have the staying power to endure through many decades, and D.O.A. is one of those bands. They have been able to create consistent, memorable works within their oeuvre, despite personnel changes over the years.

Other bands of D.O.A.'s vintage achieve "icon" status simply by sticking around. The common trend is for bands of this type is to regroup after a break, come back with a new album, and mount a tour, in an attempt to re-capture some of their original mojo. These new recordings are rarely memorable, acting only as sonic business cards, to remind us that the bands still exist.

Not so with D.O.A.

To read the entire interview, head on over to http://spillmagazine.com/


D.O.A. interview for Music Life Magazine.net

April 25th, 2018 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

D.O.A. were recently interviewed for Music Life Magazine.net A portion of the interview follows:

For four decades there has always been a mandate and mission behind the music of legendary Canadian punk band D.O.A. One of the founders of what became known as the more hardcore form of U.S. punk that also featured the likes of Black Flag and Bad Brains, D.O.A. has melded frenetic, insistent, ragged punk energy and musical stylings with a powerfully insistent social justice agenda, spearheaded by band founder, and the only member for its entire career, Joe Keithley, also known under his punk nom de plume – Joey Shithead.

Now comprising fellow members Puddy Duddy on drums and Corkscrew on bass, the band is set to release its most recent studio album, Fight Backon May 1, through Keithley's own Sudden Death Records. It is the band's 17th release since debuting with Something Better Changein 1980, two years after forming in the suburbs around Vancouver, British Columbia.

To read the entire interview, head on over to http://www.musiclifemagazine.net


SDR's Featured LP's and CD's

September 18th, 2017 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

We've been updating our stock and thought it would be a good idea to feature some of the amazing cd's waiting for you in our warehouse. Some are available on cd and vinyl! Let us know if there is anything here that catches your eye!

***Fucked Up Donald available now on Limited Edition White Vinyl***

D.O.A. - Murder LP
D.O.A. Murder CD
Round Eye - Monster Vision LP
Round Eye - Monster Vision CD
Pointed Sticks - ST LP
Pointed Sticks - ST CD
Modernettes - Teen City LP
Modernettes - Teen City CD
Ese - All In CD
The Nasties - Discipline CD
Audio Visceral - Cildce Bihaver CD
D.O.A. - World War 3/Whatcha Gonna Do 7"

D.O.A./ Joe Keithley Star Unveilling

November 15th, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

If you have a few minutes this Thursday at 5 PM I hope you can join me on Granville Street (for lots of fun!)

Thursday November 17th, 5 PM , the Vancouver Hall of Fame will officially unveil the D.O.A./ Joe Keithley star on the sidewalk in front of 870 Granville Street This is kind of cool, as myself and the band are the first of the punk/alternative generation to be inducted. There will be a red carpet, a few short speeches and then we have a casual get together at the Bottleneck Pub, which is also conveniently located at 870 Granville There will appetizers and lots of D.O.A. music served up 5-7 PM


*UPDATE November 21st, 2016*

Watch the unveiling ceremony and Joe's thank you speech HERE.

D.O.A.'s "Murder" Available again!

January 14th, 2017 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

We now have LP's and CDs of this rare D.O.A. album for sale!!

First time available in 27 years! Classic slab of D.O.A. history and music. 12 bloody great songs!

Roundeye CD/LP Available!

April 5th, 2017 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

New album out on CD and LP - Punk rock direct from Shanghai!

DOA's Hardcore 81 nominated as album of the decade 1976-85.

September 28th, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Hey-A Hey-A Hey-A ! Sick of Donald Trump? It's time to vote for something that's real!

In early 1981 Canada's punk pioneers D.O.A. recorded their 2nd album and called Hardcore 81. After a long North American tour D.O.A. had forced the term "hardcore" into the public vernacular and soon after it became a common phrase. But all punks knew (unless they were too wasted or not yet born) that D.O.A. had spawned an entire genre of music that stood up for itself , it's fans and it's ideals. Hardcore embodied independence, hard work, wild punk rock and especially the fledging DIY spirit that punk and hardcore would make it's trademark. It's influence would provide a path that would give clarity and inspiration far beyond the size of it's own underground scene.

That's where D.O.A. comes in , as the harbingers of a new way of looking at the world, the band laid it all on the line, in a no holds barred , take no prisoners type of attitude that still rings true today.
So we are asking you to vote early, vote often! (if you like! LOL)

We know a poll like this can't do a lot to change the world, but by voting for Hardcore 81, you can let the world know what you think about society. and where we should be headed today in our pissed off, screwed up world.

Thanks from D.O.A.

Talk- Action = 0

Here's where to vote: https://t.co/1D44KoNjKb

April 6th, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

The video for "Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More" has been posted to YouTube today. Created by Cinestirfilms, and directed by Marcus Rogers.

D.O.A. rally for living wages and corporate fairness on pay! Stop the exploitation. Even full time employment on minimum wage is below the poverty line. D.O.A. have been fighting for your rights since 1978!

Check it out now!

March 23rd, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

"After nearly 36 years, 17 albums and countless lineup changes, D.O.A. still show that power, angst and raunch they did all those years ago. Their latest offering, Hard Rain Falling, is 29 minutes of wham-bam hardcore punk rock that easily stands beside any of their earlier recordings."

To read the rest of the article by Sean "Scruff" Newton, please visit the Discorder Website.

February 8th, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

I really want to thank everybody who helped out on my campaign and those who donated as well.

We did not win, but we made a significant dent in the two old time party machines. In Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, we increased the Green % of votes by 150%.

The BC Liberal ground game in my riding was weak, but the NDP threw everything they had at CBM. They ran a candidate that will be on the bottom rung of a "top down" party and will have absolutely no say, just follow orders from the 10 people that run the BC NDP.

The NDP spent $78,000 and had upwards of 200 volunteers (it was mentioned by their campaign manager that they would have close to 400 volunteers on the ground).

For my campaign, we spent $15,000 and had about 3-15 volunteers at any given time. We ended up with 1/3 of the votes that the NDP received. So that's what I would call Green Math - we get more bang for the buck because we believe, and we know that we will overcome.

We, as the only open-minded party in BC, will overcome political pettiness and the self serving path of the NDP and the BC Liberals. My friends, I ran and I will run again in CBM in 2017 because i believe in people, I believe in democracy and i believe in justice.

Thanks very much for your support.

Joe Keithley

January 28th, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

"One could go in great length about the credibility and impact of these legendary Canadian punks. For the sake of brevity, let's just say that D.O.A. belong in the same sentence as Blag Flag and The Germs in terms of the indelible mark they've left on the punk scene."

To read the rest of the article by SHRUM, please visit the New Noise Website.

February 4th, 2016 Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Brad Kent - Skulls 1977

Brad Kent R.I.P.

I first met the late great Brad Kent when we were both about 18 years old. Gerry "Useless" Hannah, Brian "Wimpy" Goble, Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery, Bruce "Bastard" Coleman, "Fast Eddie" and I had all moved to Lumby, BC to live off the land. We started one of our first bands up there, The Resurrection. One day we were practicing and a skinny kid with greasy blond hair dressed in a tattered jean jacket, came along and listened to us, when we finished the song, he told us he played guitar, We said that's cool, then he went on to say, in not so many words, that we had absolutely no idea how to rock and why are we playing that crap? He was ballsy and he was right, we sucked! We were a bit of a hippie band. So he came along to jam with us and said why don't you play some rock n' roll? How about some Status Quo, or some Zeppelin? He told me "Joe, this is how you play 12 bar, just keep chugging along while I solo." It turned out to be a lot fun and a bit ass kicking!

It was a funny thing, that chance meeting, our gang was from north Burnaby and Brad hailed from south Burnaby and in those days we were separate, We had bad rivalries between north and south in lacrosse, hockey and now it was rock n' roll! It was the same way we felt about East Van.

We all left Lumby in early 1976 and moved back to Burnaby. We rented a big dumpy house and started a rock band called Stone Crazy. Gerry dropped out of the picture and Brad became the defacto leader of the band. We played a few high schools, but we really didn't have the chops to make any dough and we barely had enough gear to play a show.

One day Brad came running into the house huffing and puffing and carrying a brand new Les Paul guitar, which was unaffordable to all except rock stars and rich kid wannabes. Then he told us his tale, he had been eyeballing this guitar in a music store on Kingsway forever. That day he made a bold move, the store owner turned his back, and Brad grabbed the guitar and bolted across 6 lanes of rush hour traffic, almost got hit by two or three cars and ran into an alley with that guitar. Now I am not endorsing thievery, but that guitar became part of Brad's being, soul and our sound.

We soon moved onto punk rock and we formed The Skulls, Vancouver's second punk rock band. The very first version consisted of Brad, Dimwit, Wimpy, Lee (Australian lead singer) and I. We played at the band shell in White Rock BC in August '77 and a mini riot ensued between The Skulls and the greasy audience.

D.O.A. formed in February 1978, for the first little bit we were a three piece, then we brought Brad on board as the guitarist and I just sang. We gave Brad the rather crude nickname of Brad Kunt, I don't think he liked it that much, so I stick with Kent.

For our very first road trip I booked a weekend at the Fab Mab in San Francisco with the late great Dirk Dirksen. We had no van, so I took the train, Randy and Chuck took the hound and Brad hitched hiked the 1,000 miles with his guitar, with no case or gig bag, to SF, he made the show with one hour to spare, The two shows became some of D.O.A.' s most famous ever. The first night, Brad broke a string on the 2nd song, so to entertain the crowd I wrapped my body in tape, while Brad changed the broken string. That's the way we were, we had nothing, so we improvised everything.

Just before we saw The Ramones in Van in '77 and witnessed real punk rock, Brad, Dimwit, Wimpy and I would all play "Gong Shows'" ala Chuck Barris. We almost always got gonged, but we won one nite at the Coach House Pub in North Van, we spent our $50 first place prize on beer, no biggie, but as fate would have it, a 17 year Randy Rampage happened to be at that show. Brad, Dimwit, Dave Noga and I also formed a band called Victorian Pork, as kind of a lark, the Pork was the first of Vancouver's famous "fuck bands" where most members traded instruments for fun, Brad played guitar and I was the drummer.

After those two shows at the Mab, Brad hung around with The Avengers, whom D.O.A. had opened for on that first nite. They became friends and Brad joined the Avengers and helped write the great song Corpus Christi. There's also the unfinished D.O.A. song Trident (Trident nuclear subs) that he wrote, that you can see on the footage of D.O.A. from the Canada Day concert at Stanley Park July 1, 1978 on YouTube. Previous to that, Brad was in Victorian Park and the very first version of the Subhumans with Wimpy and Dimwit.

Brad and I kind of lost touch along the way, but he played in a bunch of bands with Rampage like the Sick Ones, Ground Zero and some other fine outfits. Brad lived life hard and it caught up to him in the end, just before he was hospitalized, he was coming back to Vancouver from Alberta for a show. Damn, now I would almost kill to hear him play again.

This is tough to write, but as I type, Otis Redding's immortal Sitting On the Dock of the Bay comes on the radio – It just reminds that Brad had a beautiful and restless rock n' roll soul, that will never be completely satisfied and at the same time never extinguished.

Big condolences to Mary, his family and his kids (your dad was something really special)

Brad, you taught me how to rock and now I am shedding a lot of tears tonight, you were as talented as they come, I'm going to miss you.

My friend, you'll live on in our hearts forever.

Joe Keithley

Audio Visceral's new cd "Childish Behaviour" now available!

January 5th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

We are happy to now have stock of the new Audio Visceral cd in stock and ready to ship!

Audio Visceral - Childish Behaviour CD CoverAudio Visceral - Childish Behaviour {Sudden Death}Audio Visceral is all about earnest, catchy, energetic punk rock. The music is raw and upbeat; the songs are short and bittersweet. Influenced by everything from surf to hardcore, the members of A/V are all veterans of the Ontario underground/punk rock scene.

Steve Beauchesne (formerly of Constable Brennan) is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Beau's All Natural Brewing Co., but in A/V he handles guitars and lead vocals. Focusing on driving rhythm instead of extravagant guitar solos, his guitar playing is refreshingly simple and catchy, and his bracing vocals transition seamlessly from melancholy to silly to rage-filled. The fingers of Kevin James (formerly of Bender and The Almighty Trigger Happy) stroll deftly all over his bass strings, providing propulsion and structure to the hooks. The entire commotion is pushed from behind by the frenetic drumming of Gary Doherty (formerly of The Almighty Trigger Happy and Headcramp). Order your copy today!

D.O.A.'s Hard Rain Falling and The Pointed Sticks new ST CD have been reviewed.

December 11th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

New Zealand's Scanner Zine has reviewed 2 of SDR's most recent releases.

D.O.A. Hard Rain Falling CD CoverD.O.A. - Hard Rain Falling {Sudden Death} Fucking hell - this is smoking!! D.O.A has recorded some average-to-mediocre albums in its time but this baby has to be the best since 'Murder' at least. The opening salvo of 'Punk Rock Hero', 'You've Gone To Far' and 'The Cops Shot A Kid' would not sound outta place on 'Something Better Change' or even 'Bloodied But Unbowed'. 'Warmonger' follows and it would fit on 'War On 45' with ease. Yes - we are talking D.O.A that good. Then you get 'Racism Sucks' and I'm thinking 'Hardcore 81' and 'Ni Hao' could be 'Let's Wreck The Party'. Sure, it's not perfect. The low point of the album is either the cover of THE SLICKERS 'Johnny Too Bad' (which isn't bad - just not as effective as THE 'TONE's version) and 'He Joined The Gang' which on any other latter day D.O.A album would fit in well, but it just doesn't quite cut it with the same kind of savagery as the rest of this. Includes a great cover of JOHNNY CASH's 'San Quentin' too. Production is bold, crisp and cutting and Keithley's vocals snarl like an old grizzly. It's without a doubt that when Joe Keithley is writing songs like these, he is pretty much beyond compare. Total return to form - stunning. (11.12.15) Order your copy today!

Pointed Sticks Self Titled CD CoverPOINTED STICKS - Northern Electric {Sudden Death} Latest release from this Canadian Power-Pop band that released the minor classic, 'Perfect Youth' album back in 1980. Three original members from that era remain and, while this is not quite the album 'Perfect Youth' is, it's still an impressive slab of well-crafted tunes. Think TV SMITH's solo work, a bit of BIG STAR, T.REX and Steve Wynn and the DREAM SYNDICATE and you're pretty close. Highlights would be the rolling 'Impatient' and 'You're Not The One' but the standout is 'Tsune's Song' that's got a soaring chorus, subtle but effective backing vocals and a great key-change at the end. Elsewhere 'Tin Foil Hat' is a neat, almost swing-style number and 'Skerabap' an inventive acoustic guitar instrumental. Personally, I would have liked to have heard the guitar more to the fore in the mix; a bit too often it seemed to take second place to keyboards or other instrumentation (including a rather good brass section, especially on 'Yesterday's Girl'). This definitely gets better with repeated plays and, here's a hint - this might be one of the year's most underrated gems. (26.11.15) Order your copy today!

Read more reviews from Scanner Zine HERE.

Hard Rain Falling review in The Georgia Straight

October 22nd Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

"D.O.A.'s Hard Rain Falling is their fiercest yet" by Allan MacInnis on October 21st, 2015

Read the review on the Georgia Straight website.

DOA "Hard Rain Falling" album review in Big Takeover
by Jack Rabid

October 14th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

*d.o.a.* *hard rain falling* * (Sudden Death CAN)* While all D.O.A. albums have merits, their 16th is *Joey "Shithead" Keithley*'s hottest/best since their first three, 1980-1982—besting another modern cut-above, 2008's *Northern Avenger* (with original bassist *Randy Rampage*). Keithley's stated aim to return to such classic styles is viscerally realized/justified; the grizzled Vancouver punk pioneer summons his old guitar sound and whipping quickness, evoking 1980's* Something Better Change* and 1981's *Hardcore '81*. (*H'81*'s "Unknown"'s rollicking piano also cameos, on the standout "Warmonger.") Analogously, drummer *Paddy Duddy* reproduces the heavy/fast combo of indomitable, irascible brothers *Chuck Biscuits* and *Dimwit* on the slamming, plainspoken "Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More," "Racism Sucks" and "He Joined the Gang." Finally Keithley's "think global act local" pissed off protest lyrics (pipelines, police brutality, immature punks, etc.) fill the bill, while rebel covers of *Johnny Cash*'s prison-loathing "San Quentin" and *The Slickers*' *The Harder They Come*'s boy-gone-criminal lament "Johnny Too Bad" complete a snarling, rip-roaring return! (suddendeath.com)

Don't forget to vote on October 19th!!

October 6th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

September 15th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

D.O.A. to play same spot as Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger did at Stelco Plant

D.O.A., Canada's legendary punk pioneers will play a rally for United Steelworkers Local #1005 at the MANA Steel Plant in Hamilton, Ontario. The workers have been on strike for close to two years trying to get a reasonable offer from MANA. It is of historical significance that D.O.A. will play on the same spot that Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger did back in 1946. D.O.A. having shared the stage with Pete Seeger back in the 80's. Joe Keithley, leader of D.O.A., author of the anthemic song General Strike, BC Green Party candidate and 30 year union member had this to say "These workers have a right to a living wage and fair treatment like everybody else in this country. A lot of the folks that helped build our great country are being kicked pretty hard, so it is an honour to stand up for them and play this rally." The performance is scheduled for 2:15 - 2:45, right when the scab replacement workers shift ends at 2:30.

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 26th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Check out the new D.O.A. video for "Pipeline Fever" and help D.O.A. get Prime Minister Steven Harper out of office!

Click to view the video now!

August 26th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

BRAND NEW SENSATIONAL D.O.A. studio album OUT NOW on CD and I Tunes with a 12" vinyl in the fall!

Front Cover

Lyric Sheet

Click for larger view.

Click for larger view.

Buy your copy today in the SDR STORE.

Band: D.O.A.
Endorsed by: Rick Mercer

"I'm a big DOA fan, and they have a very special place in my heart because I snuck into a DOA concert when they played St. John's, N.L., and I don't know how I got in there because I was probably 14 at the time. I was way too young to be sneaking into bars, but my brother somehow got me in, and he loved punk rock, so of course I loved punk rock, and DOA was a big part of those years, they were serious punk rockers, and that show was absolutely amazing."

The see the entire list and read the endorsements, head on over to the CBC Website.

Brian "Wimpy Roy" Goble Tribute show

January 7th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Last night 250 people jammed the Wise Hall to say goodbye to the late, great Brian Goble aka Wimpy. Preceding the musical tribute to our fallen comrade were tearful and funny memories recounted by a long list of friends. Performers included the Frank Frink 5 , The Bughouse Five and The Bloated Cows. The Cows are Ford Pier, John Card Mike Graham and myself. We played 10 of Wimpy's great songs he had written for The Subhumans and D.O.A. The Cows were joined on stage by a great bunch of guests including John Wright (No Means No) Nick Jones (Pointed Sticks) Gerry Hannah (Subhumans) and Jesse gander (d.b.s.) The whole evening was fitting farewell to one Canada's greatest musicians, a great father and one of my best friends. - Joe Shithead Keithley

Wimpy Roy Tribute Concert Photo

Now available on SDR!

January 7th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

You can now find these incredible releases in Our Web Store!

subS - yoU aRe yoU

subS - yoU aRe yoU - CD $10
Extreme punk/new wave experimental from Beijing, China.
Joe liked it so much he got them on the label!

Modernettes - Teen City

Modernettes - Teen City - CD $10 , 12" Vinyl $15
Classic pop punk from Vancouver 1979
Great! Incredible!

D.O.A. - Positively D.O.A.

D.O.A. - Positively D.O.A. - CD $10, 7" $6
One of DOA's best , 5 song EP from 1981

Wolfpack - Seen Not Herd

Wolfpack - Seen Not Herd - CD $10
Blistering no holds barred hardcore punk from down under.
Toured with DOA. One of Joe's faves!

Joe Keithley founder of legendary punk band D.O.A and lifetime activist has joined in the fight to try and stop the expansion of the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline and the quadrupling of tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet. The concert will be held at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on Saturday January 31st. Joe is putting together an all star cast of BC's best musicians to raise money for the legal defense of the pipeline protesters and to keep the public engaged and aware of the potential harm that this pipeline expansion represents. "It's outrageous the way Kinder Morgan is trying to bully peaceful protesters, the city of Burnaby and the province of BC. It's up to us, the people, to protect our rights and our democracy. The National Energy Board hearings are looking more and more like a sham with a per-ordained outcome. " Joe recently said. "It's only going to take one spill to destroy our beautiful coast. We're going to be pro active and try and put a stop to this. Transporting bitumen through inland coastal waterways is insane."

The pipeline which runs from Edmonton, Alberta to its terminal in Burnaby, British Columbia has applied to Canada's National Energy Board to triple its capacity and will greatly increase the amount of tanker traffic in Vancouver's Burrard Inlet carrying unrefined bitumen. A dangerous move that is being pushed by Canada's risk taking ruling Conservative Party. The federal government has made only the token of effort to try and speed up our transition towards renewable energy. After a recent D.O.A. tour Joe said "While touring Germany and I was stunned by the amount of wind turbines and solar panels providing renewable energy, especially when you compared to Canada. We are failing a great test as a country, we should be ashamed."

Fight Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Show Poster

For interviews and press contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Follow Joe Keithley on twitter @DOAJoe

Join the Facebook Page for this Saturday's event.

Brian Goble Eulogy RIP

December 8th Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Brian Goble aka Wimpy aka Sunny Boy aka Sunny Boy Roy has left us and this world is much poorer because of that. Brian, just 28 days short of his 58th birthday died of a heart attack on Sunday December 7th, 2014. I am writing this because of the loss and heartache I feel out of losing a lifelong friend, but also to remember what a vital and amazing person Wimpy was. The toughest part is the thinking about the children he has left behind, his son Dillon, his daughter Sarah and his step son Cole, who Brian helped raise. My most heartfelt condolences to them and to Brian's older brother Roger.

I first met Brian in 1963 walking home from Lochdale Elementary School in Burnaby, BC. Around the same time I also met Gerry Hannah (Gerry Useless) who lived very near Brian, they were six years old and I was seven and we all lived on Burnaby Mountain. About four years later the three of us befriended Ken Montgomery (Dimwit), whose family had moved to the Lochdale area. From elementary to high school our friendship grew, through our collective love of music and social/political consciousness till we became the best of friends and inseparable. It occurred to me later on in life that we truly were "The Four Amigoes".

The four of us started our first high school band called Misty Grey and we were terrible, but we were learning. In 1975 when we were around 18 and 19 years old we left Vancouver in an attempt to "get back to the land". We were kind of junior hippies in a sense in the small BC towns of Lumby and Cherryville, that was a lot of fun but ultimately that fizzled out. We moved back in Vancouver and started a cover rock band called Stone Crazy, Brian on bass, Gerry on vocals, Dimwit on drums and Brad Kent and I on guitar. We got our first booking in Merritt BC and promptly got fired and our collective asses kicked out of town before "the locals cut you guys in two with their chainsaws".

Well that unfortunate booking led us to abandon that predictable approach to rock n' roll and to take on the new ground breaking style of punk rock, which we did with an unparalleled zeal. We started Vancouver's second punk band in the summer of 1977, we called it The Skulls. Brian was becoming a stalwart on bass, Dimwit was well on his way to becoming one of Canada's greatest drummers ever and Simon Werner was an ace on guitar. That left just me, by default I became Joey Shithead, "That maniac on vocals". We were soon dubbed "Vancouver's most hated band by Tom Harrison of the Georgia Straight. We played around Vancouver for awhile, then in October 1977 we all moved to Toronto to join the "scene" there. Gerry Hannah, looking for adventure, moved to Toronto with us and this is how the legend of "Wimpy" was born. Gerry was writing songs but had no band, so we had Gerry play bass, Wimpy sang, Simon played guitar and I drummed, we called this obnoxious outfit Wimpy and the Bloated Cows. Thus Brian finally had a great punk rock nickname and also the tradition of "fuck bands" was born, where people traded instruments and made up instant bands.

At the start of 1978 Wimpy and Simon moved to the U.K. with a plan to have The Skulls invade London! Good plan but Dimwit and I screwed up the plan by moving back to Vancouver, Wimpy was broke and freezing in London, so he soon followed. When he got back, Wimpy started the early Subhumans along with Dimwit and Brad Kent. (this was about the same time I started D.O.A.). That line up soon merged with The Stiffs, solidifying the Subhumans classic line up of Wimpy on vocals, Gerry Useless on bass, Mike Graham on guitar and Dimwit on drums. Notably left out of the arrangement were good pals Zippy Pinhead, Sid Sick and Brad Kunt. But one of Canada's greatest bands were on their way.

Featuring the great songwriting of Wimpy, Gerry and Mike, the powerhouse drumming of Dimwit, the Subhumans were led by Brian Wimpy Roy Goble, the most original front man as you could find this side of Iggy Pop. It's not totally clear but I do believe that Wimpy invented "crowd surfing" when Mike would start playing lead Wimpy would jump into the crowd, then one night the crowd caught him and held him up, I had never seen anything like it. Brian was a powerhouse vocalist, our old soundman Hutch believed he had a special power to fire out vocals louder than any human ever had! The Subhumans put out two sterling albums as well as a number of singles and a four song EP, before they broke up in 1982. They later reunited (with Jon card replacing Dimwit) and released two albums.

So in March 1982 Brian joined D.O.A. along with Dimwit (RIP). They replaced Chuck Biscuits (Dimwit's little brother) and Randy Rampage as our rhythm section. Exceptional they were and the two of them, along with Dave Gregg (RIP), myself and producer Thom Wilson recorded in Los Angeles for five days and cut D.O.A.'s 3rd album "War on 45" (some call it an 8 song EP) in any case I would rate that album in D.O.A.'s top four. On that record you hear just how innovative that Brian was on the bass.

Brian was a huge part of D.O.A. from 1982 -1996, we went through personnel changes that included great musicians like Jon Card, Chris Prohom, Ken Jensen (RIP), Ford Pier, Brien O'Brien, John Wright amongst others. I recorded seven albums with Brian: War on 45, Let's Wreck The Party, True North Strong and Free, Murder, 13 Flavors of Doom, Loggerheads and The Black Spot and a number of other releases. After well over a thousand shows around the world, Brian quit D.O.A. after 14 years, making him the second longest serving member of D.O.A.

There are some things I'll never forget, when were both about 11 or 12 Brian introduced me to hockey, we played on the street in our rubber boots with golf balls, boy did that hurt when he would take a slapshot at my net and I got it right on the ankle. Brian and I also played minor hockey together in Burnaby and he later became a devastating hard hitter playing right wing for the D.O.A. Murder Squad. There was the time in Germany when Italian army deserters tried to steal his passport and he ran out of the bar with only one shoe, yelling "Hans Peter help me! Hans Peter help me!". Or on an early tour in Europe when him and I had never seen a mini bar in a hotel bar before, so on my advice we drank the bar dry and in the morning we had to make a run for it from the hotel staff when they wanted the dough! Or the time he was two fisting bottles of wine at a gig in Slovenia and the ride back to the hotel ended up with a Technicolor yawn on the side of the van! There was also the sense of self preservation when Brian, Dave, Dimwit and I barely escaped L.A.P.D. billyclubs at a couple of different police vs. punks riots in Los Angeles. This is indelible stuff that I shared with Brian, that is now part of my very soul and being.

Brian was a humanist, a great father, an incredible singer and bass player, he believed in free speech, was always against war and he would speak up against bullshit. He was also one of my best friends and I'll miss him forever.

Long live the spirit of Wimpy!!! Rest in Peace.

Joe Shithead Keithley

*Musical Benefit/Wake for the Late Great Wimpy Roy - Wise Hall, Vancouver BC, Tuesday January 6th Featuring three great bands: Frank Frink Five, Bughouse Five and The Bloated Cows (Joe Keithley, Ford Pier and John Card) Playing Wimpy's songs from The Subhumans and D.O.A.

Admission by donation, all proceeds will go to Wimpy's family.

Click images for larger view.

The New D.O.A.

July 23rd Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News

Photo by Tom Wiebe

Paddy Duddy - Drums, Joey "Shithead" Keithley - Guitar + Vox, Mike Hodsall - Bass + Vox

Thanks very much to John Mackie at the Vancouver Sun for his article about Dave.

Read the article HERE.

Long live the spirit of Dave Gregg !!!

(Photo by Dan Scott)

D.O.A. guitarist Dave Gregg - Rest in Peace

It is with unbelievable sorrow that I have to talk about the passing of Dave Gregg. He died of a heart attack this past weekend. I can't even come close to being able to express strong enough condolences to his wife Cathy and the rest of Dave's family.

Dave was a member of D.O.A. from 1980-88 and played some screaming guitar licks on the following albums: Something Better Change, Hardcore 81, War on 45, Let's Wreck The Party, True North Strong and Free and finally on Murder. He was a great guitarist and an unbelievable showman.

But more importantly he was genuinely nice guy and a caring human being, who had one of the most wicked senses of humor I have ever come across.

On long D.O.A. tours Dave (usually the overnight driver) and I along with our comrades Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage, Ken Lester, Dimwit (R.I.P.), Brian "Wimpy Roy" Goble, Greg "Peckerwood" James and Jon Card would while away the hours with almost endless conversation. But it usually came down to Dave and I still gabbing into the wee hours. We would scheme about how to change the world and possible wild scientific breakthroughs as we endlessly put up really shitty music on the radio (not much has changed). Dave and I also became very familiar with prices of every kind of crop grown across America and many a gospel preacher on that same radio in the Dodge van we called the Blue Bullet. At one point when D.O.A. had been playing close to 10 years, Dave and I calculated that we had spent four of those 10 years in vans, traveling to shows. As Dave drove he would furiously work his way through bag after bag of spits (sunflower seeds), he would deposit the shells in the door sill of the driver side door until the pile would reach a height of about 12 inches, that was a badge of honor.

On our first tour with Dave he got really drunk at the second show and forgot about half the arrangements, as he stood on the opposite side of the circular bar at the venue we had just played, he smirked at me with a particularly dazed look, I realized I had to get him to shape up, so I threw my 3/4 full can of beer across the bar and nailed him in the forehead. Dave rarely forgot an arrangement after that and went on to become a consummate musician and performer.

I could probably write a book about funny Dave Gregg stories and maybe even promote his one man organization: The New Spartans! LOL

I really wish I had one more chance to sit down with him and cover some of that ground again and explore new avenues of thought, but I can't and that sucks.

Dave, we will all miss you tremendously, but you will live on in our hearts.

Long live the spirit of Dave Gregg !!!

Joe Shithead Keithley - March 31st, 2014

(Photos by Amy Mann from a show called The Eastern Front 1981 Berkeley, California.)

90 minutes of D.O.A. LIVE - 30 Classic D.O.A. hits. Includes free CD and bonus footage.

Produced by Marcus Rogers, Joe Keithley and Sean Holowaychuk.

Executive producer: Dominik Bednarski

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New 25 track D.O.A. double live album and 28 Track live CD out now! Get yours HERE!

New Live Double 12" album and CD!

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D.O.A.'s album "Hardcore 81" has been named #86 in the top 100 Canadian albums of all time by CBC Radio! You can see the website with the top 100 below.

Sudden Death Records is pleased to be reissuing the classic D.O.A. album "War on 45" for the 30th Anniversary of it's release.

To get your copy today, click HERE.

Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley, councillor Joe Keithley record rock anthem against racism.

August 4th, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and I have teamed up to record a song about standing up to racial intolerance and promoting diversity, it's called You Won't Stand Alone. Burnaby is one of Canada's most diverse communities and the Mayor and I believe that is a great strength. It's time that we as Canadians stand up to racism anywhere, anytime, any place.
I wrote You Won't Stand Alone as an anthem to celebrate diversity and about how we must all stand together against the scourge of racism.
The Mayor and I are accompanied by D.O.A. drummer Paddy Duddy, I hope you enjoy the song.

Read the article about the song/video at The Straight.

Click to watch the video now.

Joe Keithley and Mayor Mike Hurley of Burnaby release Pandemic Benefit Single on iTunes.
All proceeds go to the Greater Vancouver Food bank.

April 30th, 2020 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Hey everyone, I  hope you are doing well during the Pandemic. I have written a song called We're All In This Together. Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and I recorded and shot a video of the song and our hope is that people out there will keep social distancing and be kind to those around you. You can go to iTunes to purchase the single and all the proceeds go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. If we all stick together, we can get through this. Make time to phone a friend to cheer them up, help a senior, support the front line workers: make a difference. If we stay strong and rally we will get through this and on the other side let's work together to create a more compassionate and caring society.

Keep your spirits up my friends.

Talk - Action = 0

Joe Keithley


Listen/Order on iTunes

Watch the short edited video HERE

Watch the full length video HERE

The City of Burnaby has produced a media release. Please read it HERE.

Hand Painted Custom Made D.O.A. shoes.

April 25th, 2021 Posted by SDR WebMaster in SDR News

Wow! Check these out!! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Hardcore 81 our talent artist friend Dave Benning has created these custom hand painted Vans! Thanks Dave! Hit him up if you want a pair!

Contact Dave Benning to get your very own pair:



Thursday August 1st

Broken Goblet

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Friday August 2nd

Racket Club NYC

New York, NY

Direct support for FEAR

Saturday August 3rd

Starland Ballroom

Sayerville, NJ

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Sunday August 4th

Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

w/ War On Women

Monday August 5th

The Smiling Moose

Pittsburgh, PA

Tuesday August 6th

Grog Shop

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Wednesday August 7th

Rumba Cafe

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Magic Stick

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Savage Mountain Punk Festival

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Bar Le Ritz

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Wednesday September 18th


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Thursday September 19th

Palasad Socila Bowl

London, ON

Saturday September 21st

Riot Fest

Chicago, IL

Wednesday October 2nd

The Blue Lagoon

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Support: Single Mothers and Monk

Thursday October 3rd

Fulton 55

Fresno, CA

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Friday October 4th

Berth 46

San Pedro (L.A.), CA

Direct support on Final NOFX show.

Saturday October 5th

Brick By Brick

San Diego,  CA

Support: Single Mothers and Monk

Joe Keithley Solo Shows

Monday November 18th

Alladin Theater

Portland, OR

Direct support for Duff McKagan

Wednesday November 20th

The Showbox

Seattle, WA

Direct support for Duff McKagan

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